For children
from 2 to 6

“Intelligence only grows and bears fruit with joy.

The joy of learning is as indispensable in study as breathing is in running.”

Maria Montessori

The Caravelle Montessori School is fully aligned with Maria Montessori’s vision of education from the early 20th century: a true support for life, its goal to develop the potential of every child. Our essential mission is to create the conditions which will nourish and stimulate the children’s hunger to learn, and allow them to discover for themselves the pleasure of experimentation, understanding, progress, to create and to share.

A few key points about the school:

  • For children from 2 to 6 years old
  • Certified AMI Montessori Educators
  • A bilingual French/English school with native English-speaking educators
  • A reasonably-sized structure
  • Low student to teacher ratios
  • A private secular school, (hors-contrat)

The school

A completely new space, at human scale, designed to show respect for the rhythm of each child and to facilitate the free choice at the heart of their instruction. The school looks to prepare the child for the world of tomorrow by developing their self-confidence, their autonomy, and above all, their capacity to adapt. The Caravelle Montessori School is a secular, independent, private school and is declared to the Rectorat de Paris.

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The pedagogy

The Montessori pedagogy is designed to be a genuine aid to life, aiming to fully develop the personal and social identity of the child. The Montessori Educators at the Caravelle are trained by the AMI / AMF to ensure a high level of coherence and competence.

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Caravelle Montessori school Paris

A bilingual school

To find their place in the world of tomorrow, the children will have to master several languages. With this in mind, The Caravelle offers French/English bilingual instruction.
English is taught by English speakers.

The school also offers an optional Wednesday Program (8:30am-16:30pm): “Edutainment” educational-recreational program (art, yoga, baking, games, songs and rounds, etc) in a bilingual environment.

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Bilingual school Caravelle Montessori School Paris
Meals at the Caravelle Montessori School Paris


Caterer (upon registration) : meals are delivered every day by API Restauration (7 euros per meal). With its many years of experience in the early childhood world, API is committed to a sustainable diet: serving produce that are in season, favoring fresh products from local producers, using French meat VBF and VPF, etc.
Lunch box: Children bring their lunch with them every morning, either a cold meal or a hot meal in a thermos (according to the hygiene regulations in force).
Meals are eaten together and are an integral part of Practical Life for the children (set the table, etc.).

Practical information


The Caravelle Montessori School is located at 18 rue Saint Amand (Place d’Alleray) in the 15th arrondissement, very close to the 14th arrondissement (locate on Google Maps).
It is accessible by metro line 12 (Vaugirard, Convention) and line 13 (Plaisance). It is also accessible by bus lines 62, 89, 95, and La Traverse Paris 15eme (an electric bus).


The Caravelle Montessori School follows the zone scolaire C for its vacations. The school is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.
From 8:30am to 4:30pm for full-time students and from 8:30am to 12:15pm for part-time students.
There is an optional after-school program from 4:30-6:30pm and an early arrival option from 8:00-8:30am.

Registration and School Fees

Tuition fees amount to 9130 euros per year for full-time presence and 7630 euros for mornings only:
– enrolment fees of 630 euros, which allow the school to book the place;
– the tuition fees amount to 850 euros per month for a full-time (during 10 months for an enrolment in September 2024), and to 700 euros per month for mornings only.

How to register?

Registration for the 2024-2025 school year are already open.

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